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Permits, Licenses and Certification Portal
Permits, Licenses and Certification Whether you are looking for information relating to building permits or an animal license, this portal provides you with links to the information you require.

In some cases, you will be brought to the relevant departmental page and you will be able to find what you are looking for from there.
County Links
Government Channel Link. Agricultural Department
Sutter County Agricultural Department.
Government Channel Link. Animal Services
Sutter County Animal Services.
Government Channel Link. Building Services
Sutter County Building Services.
Government Channel Link. Clerk-Recorder
Sutter County Clerk-Recorder.
Government Channel Link. Environmental Health Services
Sutter County Environmental Health Services.
Government Channel Link. Hazardous Materials
Updating Requirements for Business Plans.
Government Channel Link. Planning Services
Sutter County Planning Services.
Government Channel Link. Public Works
Sutter County Public Works.
Web Links
External Web/Internet Link. CalGOLD
Business Permits Made Simple.
External Web/Internet Link. Licenses
State of California Website.
Note:   We are not responsible for the content of external web sites. View the County's External Website Disclaimer.
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