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Museum Exhibits The Museum is located at 1333 Butte House Road, Yuba City. Hours are Tuesday through Friday 9-5, Saturday & Sunday 12-4. The Museum has a number of permanent exhibits on the Maidu Indians, early Sutter County settlers, agriculture, the Sutter Buttes, and school life. Smaller displays include transportation, women, Lola Montez, local photographs, the 1955 flood, the stereoscope, a Baldwin player piano and the old Meridian Bridge. Some special items of interest are the restored Yuba Ball Tractor, John Sutter's Gun, and Lola Montez's dressing table.

The Exhibits combine artifacts, photographs and interpretive labels that provide a self-guided tour. Group tours are available Tuesday through Friday by appointment only.

Special Exhibits in the Main Hall change every three to four months. They include in-house exhibits with a local focus as well as traveling exhibits with a broader context focusing on California and Western history.

Becoming American - Permanent Exhibit
Becoming American

In 2007, the Community Memorial Museum of Sutter County began work on its long-awaited new Multi-Cultural Wing to tell the history and stories of our area’s diverse peoples. In 2011, the first permanent exhibit to be completed was that of the Japanese-American community, as a result of collaboration with the Japanese American Citizens League. March 2012 marked the opening of the Punjabi and South Asian American exhibit, with the Museum working closely with the Punjabi-American Heritage Society. We look forward to the completion of the Chinese-American exhibit also in 2012. The Museum is working together with the Alliance for Hispanic Advancement to create an exhibit to tell the stories of our Hispanic community. The history of several other ethnic groups will ultimately be included in the Multi-Cultural wing.

The “Becoming American” museum project was conceived by a group of individuals interested in documenting and preserving the migration history of Punjabis and Southeast Asians to the United States, the Yuba-Sutter area in particular. The history of the pioneers is one of trials and tribulations and a commitment to success in a land so foreign from the one they left behind. Punjabi / South Asian pioneers left India in pursuit of a better life for themselves and their families. Some came by ship while others came by air...most not having a clue as to what lay ahead. They faced many difficulties due to language and cultural differences and encountered rampant discrimination. Their story is one of determination and survival. So compelling is their history that we found it necessary to showcase these stories so that they would not be lost forever.

It is our hope that the museum exhibit as well as the book, “Becoming American”, will bring their stories to life in a way that they will be remembered for generations to come. Their lives may seem ordinary to folks today, but they have left a legacy that is nothing short of extra-ordinary. They paved the way for future generations to achieve the “American Dream”. It is with honor we recognize and celebrate their achievements through the “Becoming American” museum project and book.

 I Want the Wide American Earth

In the first exhibit of its kind, the Smithsonian Institute celebrates Asian Pacific American history across a multitude of diverse cultures and explores how Asian Pacific Americans have shaped and been shaped by the course of our nation’s history. This exhibit illuminates the immigration history of many of the cultures that make up our very diverse community including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Pacific Islanders, Filipinos and East Indian immigrants. Rich with compelling stories and images, the exhibition takes a sweeping look at this history, from the very first Asian immigrants centuries ago to the complex challenges facing Asian Pacific American communities today. The Community Memorial Museum is delighted to bring this unique exhibit from the Smithsonian Institute’s Asian Pacific American Center to the Yuba-Sutter area.

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I Want the Wide American Earth
I Want the Wide American Earth
I Want the Wide American Earth
JI Want the Wide American Earth
Virtual Exhibit

Our Virtual Exhibit web site will take you on a virtual tour through historic photographs of Sutter County and Marysville.

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