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Profile of the Sutter County Area
Hall of Records
Sutter County is strategically located in the Capitol Region’s Northern Corridor. There are two incorporated cities in Sutter County. They are the City of Yuba City and the City of Live Oak. There are several unincorporated “rural communities.” They are Meridian, Nicolaus, East Nicolaus, Rio Oso, Robbins, Sutter and Trowbridge. The county is a short drive from the Interstate 80 and 5 corridors and is served by State Highways 20 and 99.

The Capitol Region provides Sutter County with a skilled labor force and affordable housing options. Sutter County offers excellent quality of life opportunities. There are good schools in nearby communities, low crime rate, seismic stability, world class outdoor hunting and fishing activities, excellent proximity to golf courses, professional sports venues, theatre, ballet, art galleries and fine dining. Located in and near Sutter County are top-notch medical facilities including a highly touted teaching hospital.

Sutter County is a great place to live, work and visit.
County Links
Visiting Channel Link. Air Transportation
Air transportation facilites for the Sutter County region.
Visiting Channel Link. Climate & Weather
Learn more about Sutter County's typical climate trends.
Visiting Channel Link. County Location
Learn more about where Sutter County is located in California.
Visiting Channel Link. Crime Statistics
Crime statistics for Sutter County.
Visiting Channel Link. Employment
Employment statistics for the region.
Visiting Channel Link. Incentives
Incentives for new business development in Sutter County.
Visiting Channel Link. Labor Force
Wage and salary data for representative labor force categories.
Visiting Channel Link. Local Population
Local population data and demographics based on the Department of Finance population estimates.
Visiting Channel Link. Program & Services
Programs and services available for new business.
Visiting Channel Link. Regional Population
Regional population data and demographics.
Visiting Channel Link. Tax Structure
Sutter County has one of the lowest tax burdens in the state.
Visiting Channel Link. Utility Service
Primary providers of electrical, natural gas, local phone, water and sewage services in Sutter County.