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Sutter County Seal - Click to go to the home page.
Sutter County website banner General Website Help
Sutter County website banner Help & Info Channel
Sutter County website banner Sutter Buttes - the smallest mountain range Sutter Buttes - the smallest mountain range Sutter County website banner


What do these colored images signify?
The colored images or icons that you see next to each link on various portal pages specify the website channel associated with the link. The icon for each channel is defined below.

To assist you in your navigation of the website, the icon will allow you to determine if you will be transferring to or staying within a channel when you click on the associated link.

You can determine what channel you are currently navigating by looking at the banner image at the top of the page or at the channel link menu to the right of the page.

Also, view our layout page to learn about the various page elements and their usage.
Channel Link Icons
Business Channel Link. Business Channel
All things related to starting or operating a business in Sutter County.
Emergencies Channel Link. Emergencies Channel
Helpful information for emergency situations.
External Web/Internet Link. External Web/Internet Link
A link to a website external to Sutter County government web resources.
Government Channel Link. Government Channel
A classic view of Sutter County government by department and associated entities.
Website Help Channel Link. Help & Information
Website help and information resources for users of the Sutter County website.
A link is unavailable for this item Link Unavailable
The associated item does not have a hyperlink.
Living Channel Link. Living Channel
A great information portal for residents of Sutter County or the surrounding region.
Online Services Channel Link. Online Services & Forms
A link to online services and forms offered on the Sutter County website.
Visiting Channel Link. Visiting Channel
Learn more about Sutter County and what it has to offer for those who plan to visit.
Government Channel Link. Working Channel
Information for those seeking employment or who are currently employed in the Sutter County region.